RamRodz In A Nutshell

RamRodz Barrel and Breech Cleaners are caliber-specific, disposable gun cleaning swabs specially engineered to clean firearms

Available in nearly all calibers;
.22/.223/5.56 quantity 300 swabs per bag.
.38/9mm/.357/.380 quantity 200 swabs per bag.
.40/10mm/410 quantity 120 swabs per bag.
.45/454/460 quantity 100 swabs per bag.
.50 quantity 80 swabs per bag.
30cal/308/7.62 300 swabs per bag.
12ga. 60 swabs per bag.
20ga  80 swabs per bag.
Assortment, 250 swabs per bag. (Assorted caliber swabs)
Breech Cleaner  800 swabs per bag.
The industrial-grade cotton heads are molded to exact caliber sizes to clean the maximum surface area with each pass. The density of the low-lint cotton soaks up cleaning solvent without any drip or splatter and releases only as the head is squeezed into the bore. Ensuring a more through cleaning method and cleaner work environment.
RamRodz are favored for their strong flexible 8 inch bamboo handles that bend and flex, but don’t break, providing maximum access to those hard to reach areas. They're great for cleaning all internal gun parts, not just the barrels.
RamRodz® Barrel and Breech Cleaners eliminate the need for cotton patches. The cotton swabs provide far superior gun cleaning performance in a fraction of  the time without the hassle and mess.  Disposable and biodegradable,  RamRodz®  are available in all common gun calibers (handgun rifle shotgun) and a breech cleaner model for all around general purpose cleaning and fine detail work.  All RamRodz®models are ideal for cleaning barrels, receivers, slides, chambers, magazine housings, breeches and more.