RamRodz Rifle and Shotgun Adapters - Free Shipping

The RamRodz Rifle & Shotgun Adapters allows you to clean long guns using caliber-specific RamRodz cleaning swabs.
When used with RamRodz, eliminates the need for patches


Features and Benefits:

  • Made of durable, reinforced nylon
  • Fits standard cleaning-rod threads (8/32”).
  • High visibility colors
  • Push to connect-Pull to release
  • Compatible with most common solvents

The RamRodz Rifle & Shotgun Adapters provide a simple and efficient way to utilize caliber-specific RamRodz for cleaning rifle and shotgun barrels. Constructed of durable, reinforced nylon, RamRodz adapters fit standard cleaning-rod threads (8/32”). Shooters can simply press a swab into the adapter, clean from breech to muzzle, then remove the dirty swab from the adapter after exiting the barrel. Each adapter features  high-vis colors for easy identification: green for pistol or rifle calibers, and orange for shotgun gauge calibers.

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