RamRodz .45/.44 Caliber Gun Cleaning Swabs - 2 Pack (200 Quantity) Free Shipping

RamRodz .45 / .44 Caliber Highlights
(& 410 Shotgun)
Package Quantity 200
    Industrial-grade, low-lint cotton
    8" bamboo handle easily bends without breaking
    No adapters or tools required
    Ideal for shop or field use
    Disposable and biodegradable
    Faster and more thorough than patches

    RamRodz Barrel Cleaners are a new line of gun cleaning swabs that eliminate the need for cotton patches. They provide far superior gun cleaning performance in a fraction of the time without the hassle and mess. Favored by professionals, each model of RamRodz Barrel Cleaners are designed to expand into rifling grooves and conform to the barrel walls, cleaning the maximum amount of surface area with each pass.

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